Thrive Digitally & Globally

The Path Dr. Stefany Teaches Her Students is from the Formula She was Divinely Given and Has Further Developed from Her Own Life Experiences

If you haven’t yet been able to identify your message, then take Dr. Stefany’s HEAL YOUR HEART TO YOUR GIFTS & YOUR SOUL’S GOALS COURSE.  Tap into and align with the message God has given you to give to the world using your gifts, skills, talents, and callings. Make sure you build your business from a place of love and a space of healing from the heart. Once you’ve done that, you are anchored in being divinely led and spiritually purposed for living an abundantly fulfilled life.

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In order to WIN the game, you have to know the game you are playing or it ends up playing you. If you are unfamiliar with Digital Assets and Digital Real Estate Portfolios, then you need a total view of eCommerce and transacting business online. Take Dr. Stefany’s THE DOMAIN NAMES REAL ESTATE GAME to get the right introduction to Digital Marketing and the impact it has on your business model. Create digital assets and portfolios that support your message and bring value to humanity. Tap into your niche market and spark a direct connection to your audience with an authentic voice that’s based on your purpose and ordained calling/path. Create the products & services you need so that the mechanics are always at work for you.

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There’s more to growing your business online than a simple website and digital products. You have to be properly packaged and the systems you develop and put in place are to support, market, and promote your business and brand is how you will grow, convert, scale and repeat. Building a sustainable online business and infrastructure means more than posting and spending hours on social media. You need a solid strategy for market exposure. If you need marketing and promotions support and want to do it without spending thousands a month on ads, then the first thing you want to do is start to get traffic and that means you need to GET LISTED IN THE BUSINESS MINDED DIRECTORY and be a part of Dr. Stefany’s network and marketing agency support. Next, you want TO GET ALL THE PR EXPOSURE POSSIBLE for your brand, and that means GETTING DR. STEFANY’S POWER PLAY LISTS to get booked and busy!

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Creating passive income and earning while you sleep is how you are able to do more than just be rich, it is how you can begin to build wealth with the gift that keeps on giving. You build it once, you build it right, and you never have to build it again. Dr. Stefany’s 10 STREAMS IN 10 WEEKS COURSE teaches you her formula for creating 10 streams of income from your ONE business product, service, or idea. Once you’ve learned her recipe and secret sauce, you are able to remix, repackage, restructure, repurpose and re-engineer any and every piece of content you put into market. Once you’ve learned the system, you can plug and play and keep it moving by doing what you do best. BEING WHO YOU’VE BEEN CALLED to be for humanity’s sake. Imagine, instead of working tirelessly hours upon hours a day on social media trying to get conversions, you’ll be sharing your message while everything else works in the background for you.

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Monetize, Network, Offer, & Promote

10 Streams on Autopilot
  • WordPress Website
  • Blog
  • Subscriber List
  • Newsletter
  • Podcast
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • eBooks/Lead Magnets
  • Webinars/Workshops
  • Courses
  • Merchandise
Real Estate Automations
  • Domain Names
  • Digital Products
  • Sales Funnels
  • Social Media Influence
  • Global Distribution
  • Monetize – Monetize – Monetize

Domain Names As Real Estate...

The Domain Name Real Estate Game is Dr. Stefany’s teaching about Digital Real Estate Assets and how to build an online business with the most impact and most profitable rewards.

Pioneering in the subject matter, Dr. Stefany was among THE FIRST to approach websites and domain names as actual real estate portfolios and quickly used her knowledge in traditional real estate to build her digital real estate business.

She’s been in the game for more than 17 years when she was introduced to Facebook and web development in 2006 and has amassed a portfolio of more than 3000+ digital real estate assets valued in the millions of dollars.


10x One Product, Service, or Idea

Dr. Stefany’s staple initiative has been to teach automation, repackaging, the reuse, and repurposing, of strong content. Just think, she’s been teaching this subject for more than 7+ years and her students ended up ahead of the curve years before the pandemic.

She uses her knowledge of digital real estate assets and portfolios to show students how to bloom their businesses using a systematic formula on rinse and repeat called The 10 Streams.

She also leverages that philosophy to support entrepreneurs in not only getting their message out to the masses, but as an anchor to slowly growing their audiences naturally without the use of 3rd parties as the foundation, but more as the vehicle to grow where they are already solidly planted.

The concept, the teachings, and the execution of 10 streams has never remained more relevant than it is today with so much saturation in the online market and guru spaces.