From completely FREE to $499, Dr. Stefany is supporting women entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. Whether you are just starting out, or needing a boost for your business, there’s value in every teaching offered to her audiences.

FREE Turbo Webinars

Dr. Stefany’s pop up Turbo Webinars are just what you need to get introduced to the elements of 21st century business success. More than 200+ hours of FREE Teachings in the following areas:


Nifty 50 Workshop Bundles

Was $97, Now only $50

Dr. Stefany offers an entire library of her mini workshops for just $50 each. She is the champion of accessible content to the masses. Under the umbrella of her four guiding principles, you are able to learn as you grow.


  • Heal Your Heart Workshop Bundle
  • Hack Your Life Workshop Bundle
  • Harness Your Power Workshop Bundle
  • Build Your Digital Empire Workshop Bundle

Domains Real Estate

Now only $997 $497 for the Entire Bundle

In this epic workshop, Dr. Stefany is undoubtedly one of the pioneering entrepreneurs in the digital real estate space. Having cataloged and maintained more than 3000+ digital real estate assets in her portfolio at one time with a valuation in the millions, she teaches how you, too, can double and triple your investment in getting into the domain name real estate game.

What you get in this Workshop Bundle:

  • The Domain Names Real Estate Games Course
  • Course Workbook
  • The Domain Name Game Live Webinar Walkthrough 1 Replay
  • The Domain Name Game Live Webinar Walkthrough 2 Replay
  • The Advanced VIP Replay of The Domain Names Real Estate Games Webinar & Workbook Package with Templates
  • The Domain Name Game Step-By-Step Playbook
  • Our Premium Inventory High Traffic, High Yield Domain Names Lists
  • The Industry Tools & Resource List for Buying Wholesale and Selling Assets in the Market
  • Bi- Monthly 30-minute Group Call-in-Call for Q&A and support (offered every other month).

Power Lists to the Masses

Now only $1297 $497 for all this POWER

The Power Play Power Lists are a must-have for every POWERHOUSE Woman Entrepreneur on the planet. This is from our client marketing exposure vault and is curated by our in-house staff and research team. Segmented by niche and industry, this is Dr. Stefany’s power list to more than 40,000 podcast shows, bloggers, Facebook groups, events, media outlets, and more where you can market your brand and your business for instant exposure and audience growth.

What you get in this Power List Bundle are DIRECT CONNECT LINKS to:

  • More than 60+ Magazines to get featured in
  • 140+ US Tours & Events to submit to be a part of
  • More than 750+ Blog Directories to get listed in and be interviewed by
  • More than 1600+ Blog Talk Radio to get interviewed by and featured on (Segmented by Genre)
  • More than 3.9K+ Facebook Groups to market, promote, and network in order to grow your audience (Segmented by Niche)
  • More than 32K+ Apple iTunes Podcasts to target for guest appearances and collaborations (Segemented by Niche)