Life by Design: Dreams by Infinite Measure!

Her Near Death Experience

Dr. Stefany, after having a personal NDE on Saturday, April 1, 2000, where she died from an asthma attack and, with a loss of oxygen, ended up on life support in a coma, believes that was the moment when her 1:1 interaction with humanity forever changed.

As a result, she lives a life based on an entire UNCONDITIONAL LOVE MESSAGE and helps to build businesses on the premise that Our Lives are By Design and Our Dreams are By Infinite Measure.

You will find that all of her work is created, built, and centered around her spiritually-based and integrated biblical intelligence concepts coupled with her NDE and total life experiences, which include being the mother of a son who now lays in a coma since October 11, 2017, from the same… an asthma attack.

Even amid this tragic anomaly, Dr. Stefany believes in her heart that God is a miracle provider and will remain the author and finisher of her faith.

A Few Career Highlights

 Dr. Stefany Jones

Helping Mankind on Purpose

Dr. Stefany Jones is the former COO of reFocus Afrika, a Pan-Afrikan organization incorporated and located in Tanzania, East Africa, with a vision to identify, develop, and maximize potential on the continent by connecting opportunities to resources. She has spent more than half of her career providing community relations, educational, and workforce development expertise in higher education for one of the largest Ivy League institutions (University of Pennsylvania), in the Non-Profit Sector for one of the largest affordable housing developers in the country (Pennrose Management & Development Corporation), and as a private consultant for more than 32 years.

She’s been a senior management executive in mortgage banking, large-scale real estate development, and independent/self-sufficiency program development across eight states nationwide. She’s the former Chief of Staff for the Fels Center of Government. She was a team member on the Knight Collaborative and worked on special projects with the Assistant Secretary of HUD under the Clinton Administration. She’s managed portfolios and programs in the hundreds of millions of dollars and assets in the billions. Dr. Stefany has successfully negotiated contracts in the hundreds of millions of dollars in private industry and the public sector.

She’s the co-founder of Life Coaching and Life Coaching Today Magazine and is the founder of Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today’s POWERHOUSE Woman. It is more than just a Magazine. It is a Mogul Mindset, a Movement of Manifestation, and a Ministry of Motivation striving towards changing the lives of Millions of Women around the world spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

Dr. Stefany is a subject matter expert at leveraging educational and empowering content to help women, families, and communities thrive in every economy. Her magazine translates into more than 60+ languages, was pioneering as one of the first early adopters of the hyper-technology experience, and has its distribution through the Magzter platform with 70+ million monthly subscribers worldwide. With her business marketing and technology background, she uses her proprietary algorithm to drive millions of hits directly to her magazine’s website.

Having worked in media and publishing, television, and radio, Dr. Stefany has authored more than 80 titles and courses. She is a Certified Life and Business Coach to entrepreneurs and business owners across the US. She uses her spiritual gifts and anointing to help women heal and thrive by integrating her near-death experience, personal life, and business experiences.

Her specialty is business growth through content publishing, exposure marketing, digital technology, and spiritually-led business education. She holds a BA in Organizational Management, an MBA in Management, and an Honorary Ph.D. in Church Administration and Community Economic Development. She is a 2021 United States Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Community Service recipient and was one of the featured authors in HBO’s March 2019 Women’s History Month Exhibit in New York City. She is a world traveler and global business consultant across three continents.

Dr. Stefany is well learned in the Digital Space from some well known Leaders

Education has always been important to Dr. Stefany and she has spent thousands of dollars investing in market programs and offers from some of the best in the industry to ensure she is familiar and versed in progressing technologies, is immersed in market trends, and to make sure she continuosly supports her skillsets for continued professional success and the success of her clients and their outcomes.

  • Tony Robbins
  • Dean Graziosi
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Russell Brunson
  • Anthony Morrison
  • Billy Gene
  • Chris Duncan
  • Maria Wendt
  • Grace Lever
  • Lorrell Lane
  • Gabrielle Leslie
  • The Sales Sisters
  • Kevin Anson
  • Ashley Ann
  • Brendan Kane
  • Misha Wilson
  • Ted McGrath
  • T. Harv Eker
  • Todd Brown
  • Rudy Mawr
  • Jono Armstrong
  • Christina Jendali
  • Kendra Jones
  • Coach T
  • Russ Ruffino
  • Mia Redrick
  • Marquell Russell
  • Mercedes Kelly
  • Paul Counts
  • Christina Rowe