The Real M.B.A.

Monetize - Build - Automate

Dr. Stefany teaches her community of women entrepreneurs directly in their private FB group tribe community as well as on ClubHouse. Her guiding principles are Monetizing Your Message, Building Your House, and leveraging Systems to Automate.

Heal Hack Harness Build

Dr. Stefany, after having a personal NDE (near-death experience) where she died and ended up on life support in a coma, believes her 1:1 interaction with humanity forever changed. As a result, she built the entire Hustle Mama Movement as a Brand to get to the core of every woman’s Life By Design and Dreams By Measure.

You will find that all of her work is created, built, and centered around her spiritually-based and integrated biblical intelligence concepts coupled with her NDE and life experiences… which she carries under the umbrella of Our Lives are By Design and Our Dreams are By Infinite Measure.

Our Private Community

Are you ready to Monetize Your Message and Digitally Market to Millions? This is the place for you! 💃

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting your journey, our group is designed to help you learn about effective digital marketing. We’re here to foster your growth in the online space, connect you with like-minded individuals, and provide a global platform to showcase your incredible talents. (https://TheBusinessMinded.com)

📚 LEARNING: Share knowledge, seek advice, and discover the latest digital marketing trends, tools, and strategies for online success. (Dr. Stefany goes live in Clubhouse 2x/month).

💰 MONETIZING: Learn how to grow your business, increase revenue, and make your dreams a profitable reality using your God-given gifts, talents, and skills to Monetize your Message.

🤝 NETWORKING: Connect with other members, collaborate on projects, and build invaluable relationships right here in the group and the directory.

📣 PROMOTING: Share your business, products, and services with a supportive community that wants to see you thrive and who may need what you have to offer.

👑 Empowerment: We believe in the power of women supporting women. Together, we are stronger.

💪 Expertise: Tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience, takeaways and resources from a diverse community.

🌐 Connection: Expand your network, gain partnerships, and create lifelong friendships with like-minded women.

💡 Inspiration: Find inspiration and creative motivation to keep you focused on your journey. JOIN HERE

Our Business Network

I wanted this to be a community of women doing business and transacting with each other and with people from all over the world.

We are the ultimate business networking resource portal on the web. I love our tribe because I get to market and promote their work, and show the world all of the wonderful gifts, skills, talents, products and services these powerhouse women entrepreneurs have to offer humanity. JOIN HERE

Our Magazine

Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today’s POWERHOUSE Woman highlights and supports the entrepreneurial efforts of women of noble purpose who HUSTLE. They Help,Unite, Share, Teach, Lead and Empower families, communities, and the world. We are in distribution online, print on demand, and through Magzter, the largest digital magazine distribution platform in the world.

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Our University & Resources

It is no secret to anyone in Dr. Stefany’s circle (whether personally or professionally), that acts of service and gifts are two of her strongest love languages.

Her teachings are just that; her gifts to humanity and you realize just how much she’s pouring into your cup once you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing her anointing and being a student on the receiving end of her benevolence.

What she bestows through Hustle Mama University is no different. She offers FREE Turbo Webinars under her 4 Pillar Guiding Principles, affordable and accessible digital marketing education, and master classes for those ready to level up.  LEARN MORE

Our YouTube Channel

Dr. Stefany is constantly in teaching mode and benevolently gifts learning and educational content to the masses, making it accessible to those most in need. Terming these teachings her “Turbo Webinars” she covers her standing 4 pillars: Heal Your Heart, Hack Your Life, Harness Your Power and Build Your Digital Empire. SUBSCRIBE HERE

Our Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Dr. Stefany has made it easy to receive her content on the go through her Podcast episodes streaming through Apple. LISTEN HERE

Our Radio Station

Hustle Mama Radio is streaming music that gets you through your days and the nights. Whether you’re at home telling your ALEXA “Hey Alexa, play Hustle Mama Radio”, or on the go listening from your device, our radio station is more than music, it is a vehicle supporting our business network at every level. LISTEN HERE

The learning and education content will always fall under 4 Guiding Principles:

(1) Heal Your Heart to Your Gifts and Soul Goals (To Discover Your Message that Needs to Be Monetized)

(2) Hack Your Life and Your Business (For Ultimate Peace & Freedom)

(3) Harness Your True Super Power (To Align with The Creator and Have The Midas Touch with All Things)

(4) Build Your Digital Empire (To Plant Seeds that Are Fruitful That Will Feed You For Generations)

Her words, teachings, and life lesson to all women, all families, all communites, and all nations are simple. The key to life is LOVE and that first starts with learning how to love yourself enough, so that you are able to fall IN LOVE with the SELF lying dormant and waiting on you within. #HealHackHarnessBuild #IAMOneness