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I'm Dr. Stefany, a spiritually-aligned, and seasoned expert in digital marketing with a passion for empowering busy entrepreneurial women with a relentless drive for success. With my near-death-experience, years of experience in SEO, digital product development, and marketing psychology, I'm dedicated to helping you build the life you've always desired, the business you've always wanted to own, and the destiny you've always dreamed of connecting to by helping you align your brand with your gifts, monetize your message, and create digital products that market that message to the world. My goal is to help you create your brand's identity by discovering your creative gems and getting them out to the world. Let's embark on this journey together and transform your ideas into a digital presence and powerful driver for your success. #HealHackHarnessBuild #TheDigitalEmpireBuilder

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“I am a Digital Marketing Expert and I teach women entrepreneurs how to monetize their ideas and use plug & play systems as an endless traffic source!” – Dr. Stefany

What people are saying:

Got me on the right track in one session. After the call I am now able to focus on the direction and my strategy is crystal clear. I can't thank her enough. From floundering to focused. Yay. 

- Elisabeth Donati

"Dr. Stefany is led by God and her gift to spiritually read into your season and cultivate a blueprint specifically for you is one of her gifts.  You will not be disappointed in everything you discover about yourself and how to weave them into your business systems.

- TMB Makeup Artistry

"I was stuck on an idea to create a group of ladies to encourage each other.  She helped me organize and process my thoughts and helped me brainstorm ideas for my vision. She motivated me to a successful launch. Dr. Stefany even gave me the name for my group..”

- Delores Teklu